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EzBannerz offers advertisers a unique opportunity to position their offers in front of an engaged, targeted audience. Options below include guaranteed page views and very affordable banner impressions.

Guaranteed Pageviews

Sponsor Ads are displayed on the main page at the top of the Banner List. All visitors are required to click your banner and view your page for at least 15 seconds before they can register.

You should submit the full SECURE URL to 468px x 60px Banner, as well as the Full SECURE URL of your target web page. Fast-loading splash pages will usually work best here.

Special Pricing for our launch...

Just $9.00 per 1000 Sponsor Ad Hits!

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising packages secure you run-of-site exposure, including prominent placement within the high-traffic Members Area.

Current discounted rates for our launch are:

$0.90 per 1000 Banner Imps rotated at the bottom of each page.

$1.70 per 1000 Banner Imps rotated at the top of each page.

We reserve the right to reject any advertisement we feel is inappropriate for our website or our users.

Please make sure you use functioning https links for both banner and target URLs to ensure both display properly for all visitors on our site.