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Having Troubles?

We're seeing a few recurring questions so please check the following before you email us...

Seeing Someone Else's Banner?

If you're seeing someone else's banner in position #1, it just means the system is working!

The system remembers who referred you and is continuing to show you their page. You can clear your cookies to check this... or just view your link on a different computer... and you'll see the page that your referrals will see.

Not Seeing Your Banner?

Some browsers WILL NOT display insecure content in a secured webpage... to be safe for all visitors, you must use a secure https:// link for your Banner URL.

If the site owner does not support secure links, you can upload your banner to for free, no registration required.

Once it's uploaded, just right-click on the banner, Copy Image Location... and use that for your banner URL.

Your Website Comes Up Blank?

Again, you must use https:// in your Target URL. This should be standard for most websites now, so you can try just adding the 's' and see if that works.

If it doesn't you can chase up the site owner and ask when they're going to secure their site!

If they aren't responsive you can create your own secure splash/landing page for their site on any free Splash Page Builder... or just find a better offer to promote!