Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the information you need, please do reach out via our Helpdesk.

How To Join...

There's a Missing Banner?

That's OK... once it stops trying to load, you should still be able to click on the Broken Image Icon and that will open the Offer Page so you can get the code. If not, reach out to Admin with the FULL URL that you used to access EzBannerz.

The Offer Page Isn't Loading?

Again, that's not a problem for you. The banner owner is missing out, but you can still get the code from the top section of the page.

My Banner isn't HTTPS...

This is pretty rare these days, but if your Banner URL starts with http:// instead of https:// you can try adding the 's' and see if that loads. If it doesn't you'll need to upload it to a secure image host... such as this (free) site.

Just open the banner in your web browser, right-click to save it to your computer, then upload that file to the secure host. They'll provide a link you can use here.

Is There Any Cost To Join?

No, there's not. EzBannerz is totally free to join and use. There is an optional upgrade you can look at later on, but we don't recommend you even consider it until you are fully set up, generating traffic and referrals. After that, it's there if you want to look it over and add some extra features to your account.

Member Questions

My Banner Didn't Update

That will usually be a caching issue... providing you got a confirmation message, the banner has been updated on our server but your web browser is still showing the older version from it's cache. This is something browsers do to speed up content delivery, and it will update shortly.

If you want to check, just open EzBannerz in a different web browser, or even your phone, and you should see your new banner instead!

My Target URL Doesn't Show Up?

First up, check that your using a valid link and that it loads quickly, by pasting the full url into youre web browser. If that works, then the issues is that the website owner is not allowing their pages to load in frames on other people's websites.

This is out of our control unfortunately, so you'll either have to find another page, create your own splashpage, or try a different offer. You can always reach out to the website owner and ask if they have a sutiable landing page that will load in frames... most affiliate program will, because they do want people to be able to promote their offer!

The other links you might have trouble with are affilaite network links, such as WarriorPlus. They don't want people sending cold traffic to their sales pages, so they block frames, forcing people to warm up traffic with splashpages first.

Can I contact all my direct referrals at once?

No you can't! This is not a list builder or an email marketing program, so there is no mass email option in your dashboard. Insteadyou do have the option to reach our to your referrals, one on one, to introduce yourself, offer your assistance and make a real connection.

Can You Pay My Commissions Via PayPal?

Unfortunately no... PayPal shut our account down several years ago for some infraction. They never explained what I did wrong and didn't offer any option for me to correct it, so I can't use PayPal and at this stage I wouldn't go back anyway.